Germany - KLIEMT Hackathon 2019

06 May 2019

A look behind the scenes and a first glimpse of their legal tech future

On April 12 2019,  Kliemt.HR Lawyers , Ius Laboris Germany hosted their first Hackathon. Three teams of lawyers and academic assistants from all locations met at the headquarters in Düsseldorf to take part in a competition in terms of developing solutions for the future digital labour law consulting and to implement these ideas into usable legal tech tools for their clients.

What actually is a "Hackathon"?

A Hackathon is a format for the development of digital solutions and processes. The aim of a Hackathon is to find software-supported solutions for existing challenges collectively and within a limited period of time.

What was happening at the Hackathon?

The teams had to consider which labour law issues were particularly suitable for a standardised and IT-driven service and how clients can be guided through the decision-making processes in the most user-friendly way possible. They implemented these ideas into concrete tools with the help of technology cooperation partner BRYTER .

Why organise a "Hackathon" as a law firm?

As a law firm, Kliemt.HR Lawyers would like to raise awareness of digitalization among all their employees.

The market is constantly changing and so are the requirements of their clients. In practice, they see this repetitive in transformation projects and restructurings. At the same time, Kliemt.HR Lawyers has always been committed to offering their clients only the highest quality in consulting services - this also includes using the possibilities of modern technology and offering our know-how in an even more user-friendly, accessible and efficient manner than before.

Accordingly, it is also important for us to teach our young lawyers the importance of creative thinking and the ability of an open mindset regarding new consulting approaches. We always strive to give them the necessary skills for the legal market of the future - and last but not least, to inspire them with new types of labour legislation consulting.

After all, we use such events for a general exchange, to promote team spirit and because we simply enjoy initiating new topics and making a difference.

What was their outcome?

Over several hours, their three teams determined various approaches, including questions of dismissal law, mass dismissal and fake self-employment. Thier teams presented their developed tools during a pitch in front of a jury consisting of internal and external experts. The jury assessed the practical benefits, the legal correctness and the presentation of the tools.

All three teams created outstanding ideas and provided a large number of solution approaches, which showed a high degree of maturity. Nevertheless, there can only be one winning team, and that was their "women power" team with Dr. Nicole Krüger , Dr. Kerstin Seeger and Katharina Schäffer.

What conclusions can we draw from the Hackathon?

The Hackathon once again proved how many ideas and potentials are stucked in the minds of their lawyers. They are pleased about this successful event, which was definitely not the last one. They will do another Hackathon together with Ius Laboris at the Annual Congress in Toronto and at the Ius Laboris University in Kiev.  

Coming soon: KLIEMT.HRtools

They will finetune the developed ideas and soon offer them on their own platform - KLIEMT.HRtools. If you are interested in KLIEMT.HRtools, you can already register for a demo by e-mail .